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What It Means to Be a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer

As an independent HVAC contractor in Louisiana, Berner A/C & Heat is a certified Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer that has received full accreditation from Mitsubishi. This type of industry designation is only earned after the successful completion of the company’s factory training that includes every area from sales to service of Mitsubishi products.

mitsubishi diamond dealer

The requirements include extensive training at ATC (Mitsubishi’s Atlanta Training Center), along with other training centers approved by Mitsubishi. The training allows the dealer to provide the customer with approved professional installation and continuing reliable maintenance for all of Mitsubishi’s HVAC products. This ensures that every installation will provide the most reliable environmentally comfortable air throughout all of Mitsubishi’s air conditioning products.

Dealers Receive Certified Training

Becoming a certified Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer is all about expertise and certified training. As part of the accreditation with Mitsubishi, we are required to sign and maintain a code of conduct to ensure every technician performs all aspects of installation, sales and service in a professional manner.

A diamond dealer for Mitsubishi must also maintain a high level of professionalism and be diligent when handling any issue in the field. To maintain our association with Mitsubishi as a diamond dealer, we must continue to meet all local and state compliances and fulfill all necessary licensing requirements.

A Highly Innovative Mini Split Air System

The ductless A/C systems that are manufactured by Mitsubishi use highly innovative technology. Their systems are designed to reduce energy consumption while providing premium cooling and heating solutions in the home. The systems are eco-friendly and conserve energy while generating premium quality air in every room of the home.

Many Mitsubishi mini splits use a proprietary “I see” sensor system that automatically detects any change in the room’s temperature and quickly makes instant adjustments for optimal comfort. The design of the filters helps eliminate allergens while reducing odors. The units have been specifically designed to operate extremely quietly, and work well in both residential and commercial applications.

As a certified Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer, Berner A/C & Heat offers the best mini split air conditioning systems available in the industry. We offer every the very latest technology in energy-efficient heating and air-conditioning units.  Our extensive training can help the homeowner understand all of the functions, capabilities, and characteristics of Mitsubishi’s advanced HVAC technology.