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4 Reasons Why We Love Goodman AC Products

As air conditioning experts, it would be hard not to enjoy installing and providing maintenance on Goodman air conditioning and heating equipment. The company’s products are manufactured to the highest standards in the industry, and they offer substantial warranties on all the systems they manufacture and even provide extensive warranties on the parts they provide.

Reason #1 – Company Reputation & History

The Goodman Air Conditioning & Heating Company has become one of the largest manufacturers of residential and light commercial heating and air-conditioning products. They provide a long list of reliable heating and cooling solutions to meet the needs of their customers. The company was first established in 2002, as the Goodman Manufacturing Company. By 1982, they began manufacturing heating and cooling units under the Goodman brand. Today they are one of the most successful HVAC manufacturing companies worldwide.

Reason #2 – High Quality A/C Products

Goodman heating and air conditioning equipment is a perfect solution for residential homes and businesses (light commercial) that need to replace an inefficient older unit with a new one. Their air conditioning units operate significantly more efficiently than air conditioners that were installed just a decade ago. They offer significant long-term benefits including lower maintenance and a longer lifespan, all by operating at a cost saving, energy-efficient level.

As an authorized Goodman dealer, Berner A/C and Heat offers our expertise and knowledge in helping our customers select the best system to fit their individual requirements. We base our recommendations on the age and size of the home or office building, along with the number of rooms that will be cooled and heated.

Being located in the Deep South, we take humidity seriously! We all experience high humidity in the spring and summer months. As a result, the temperature and environment of Louisiana are key factors in selecting the best cooling and heating components to produce optimal levels of comfortable interior air.

Reason #3 – Energy-Efficient Operation

Goodman manufactures all of their components using the latest innovative technology as a way to obtain higher efficiency ratings. Because of recent advancements, these new units are manufactured to operate on upwards of 50% less electrical requirements, along with a reduction in the amount of natural gas required for the same amount of BTU output.

We tell our customers that Goodman products are built to last. By incorporating annual routine maintenance servicing through a quality service plan, many years can be added to the lifespan of the air conditioner system. Routine maintenance can also significantly enhance the lifespan of a Goodman gas furnace.

Reason #4 – A Variety of Products

The Goodman Air Conditioning & Heating Company manufactures a variety of systems including air conditioners, heat pumps, gas furnaces and air handlers. They also manufacture package air conditioner/heat pumps, and gas/electric units.

Louisiana is known for its high humidity levels throughout most of the year. Because of that, Goodman provides a variety of solutions that can reduce high humidity with many of their HVAC systems.

Every installed Goodman heating and cooling complete system utilizes chlorine-free R-410A refrigerant as a way to help save the planet. With their energy-efficient units, consumers can save on their monthly utility bills by reducing the amount of electricity needed to generate the comfortable cool air in the summertime, and warm air in the winter. For Louisiana business owners and homeowners, the installation of Goodman products makes good sense.