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Should I Install My Own Wi-Fi Thermostat? Maybe I should Call an HVAC Professional…

Almost everyone has heard of Wi-Fi thermostats. They’re advertised online, sold in big box stores, your home alarm company even sells them… you can find one just about anywhere.

They even come with “simple instructions” to install the devise yourself. But there’s more to installing your own thermostat than meets the eye.

The Professional Difference

One of our customers called. They had installed a new thermostat and it wasn’t working, putting their A/C out of commission in the middle of summer. We sent a service tech who identified the problem and got their A/C cooling in no time with the right thermostat.

This is a common problem we see every day. When you purchase and install your own thermostat, Wi-Fi or not, you may be getting into a bigger project than you bargained for.

Compatibility is the first issue to be aware of, especially if you have an older HVAC system, or older home. Depending on your system’s wiring, it may not be able to support your new Wi-Fi thermostat. Some units don’t use batteries unlike older models, and not every home has the right control wire running between the air handler or furnace and the thermostat.

You may not know that HVAC systems can have multiple “stages.” So depending on whether you have a single-stage or a two-stage system, only certain thermostats will be compatible and able to run the HVAC system properly.

Consider the Warranty. A Berner-installed Honeywell thermostat comes with a 5 year parts warranty. However, most thermostats, when purchased online or from a big box store, have only a 1 to 3 year warranty! Why? Because the manufacturer knows that their product will perform correctly when installed by an HVAC professional.

Currently, the bestselling thermostats online or at large retailers are going for $118 to $274. You could save yourself a lot of aggravation if you were to purchase a top-rated Honeywell T6 Wi-Fi thermostat from Berner A/C for $265 including tax, installation, and 5 year parts warranty.

If you’ve already purchased your thermostat, Berner will professionally install it for $129.00 as long as it is compatible with your HVAC system.

Lastly, Berner’s expert technicians and responsive service ensure that your new system can be inspected, maintained, and repaired easily, by experts.

If you are considering a Wi-Fi thermostat, give Berner a call at (504)822-8080 or (985)727-2302 and get the right Wi-Fi thermostat for your HVAC system.