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Fixing a 10 Year Old Problem in a Hot Room – A Customer’s Story

We love a happy ending!

Especially when it means you’re cool and comfortable instead of hot and sweaty!

Such was the case this month when we solved a 10 year old problem for a customer of ours with some new, energy efficient AC equipment.

This customer had been living with not 1, but 2 hot rooms in their house since they had added a bonus room during an addition more than 10 years ago.

Their existing AC system never could quite keep the additional square footage comfortable, especially since it faced the western part of the house. Making matters worse, pulling AC capacity to cool the new room caused one of the other rooms to continually be warm, especially in the summer.

After a routine summer tune up, our technicians found that the system was leaking a significant amount of freon. Further testing showed that the unit itself was no longer functioning properly and couldn’t be repaired.

The unit itself was almost 17 years old and had been repaired a number of times. But as you can see from the photo below, it’s time was up!

New AC Unit: Bye Bye Hotspots! Hello Cold!

The client said their goodbyes and thanked their AC unit for 16 years of service.

Then it was time to unpack their brand new Amana unit and get their home cool!

During the process of inspecting and testing the equipment, our technicians determined that the client’s system could handle a bit more capacity than it currently had. They went from 3 tons to 3.5.

Not everyone’s attic systems can handle an increase, but in this case we had upgraded the client’s coils a few years back and our testing confirmed their existing equipment could handle the increased load. We also recommended increasing the size of some of their ductwork to allow for increased airflow to the previously hot rooms. Click here to read more about your options if you have a hotspot in your home.

The Happiest of Happy Endings: Better Sleep!

The best part of our story is that the new, more energy-efficient system along with the increased capacity has drastically improving the cooling in their home!

Our client has happily reported frosted windows in the morning and kids sleeping in past their normal wake up times because they’re up to their neck in covers!

What kind of a price do you put on that comfort!