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Retail vs. Professional Installation of Wi-Fi Thermostats

When you’ve finally decided to take a step toward the future and purchase a Wi-Fi thermostat, there are now a number of options out there to consider. However, we’re not just talking about different manufacturers and the products they make. You also need to think about who is going to handle your installation. Your two major options come down to installing it yourself, and a professional installer. Even though both may carry the same unit, installation can make all the difference.

A Tale of Two Units

The fact of the matter is that even though both retailers and professional installers may be able to offer you the same product, the similarities may actually end short of many important features. That’s because professional installers can actually offer you a greater amount of features.

Even premier options like the Honeywell Lyric fall into this category. Buying one from a big box store is going to provide you with one of the best Wi-Fi thermostats on the market. If you were to purchase yours from a professional installer, though, it’s probably fair to say you’re buying the absolutely best Wi-Fi thermostat on the market because it comes with more features for you to enjoy.

Lyric Wi-Fi thermostat
Lyric Wi-Fi thermostat

Better Warranty

Although Wi-Fi thermostats are considered the cream of the crop, even the best technology is vulnerable to problems over time. When that happens, you’ll want to have a reliable warranty to fall back on. This is especially true with a thermostat if things go haywire in the more extreme seasons.

Unfortunately for people who choose to buy their model from a big box company and attempt to self-install the unit, or even pay the retailer to have one of their subcontractors handle the installation, warranties from these types of companies vary greatly when compared to what professional installers can offer.

This isn’t a minor difference either. You could easily be looking at a one-year warranty compared to one that’s good for the next five. For example, purchase a Honeywell thermostat with a one-year product warranty from a national retail outlet, or you could purchase the same thermostat from an HVAC professional like Berner Air Conditioning & Heating, and because Honeywell trusts the unit will be installed correctly by the professional, the warranty is increased to a full five-years. That should make for a fairly easy decision.

Superior Installation

When you think about it, though, those warranties seem backwards. You should actually want more of a guarantee when you go with a subcontractor from some big box conglomerate. After all, having a professional installer take care of your installation and provide you with a unit that has more features means it’s less likely your new Wi-Fi thermostat is going to suffer from any serious problems.

On the other hand, who knows how experienced the big box company’s subcontractor is? They may even wear several hats,meaning installation isn’t even something they do full time. Will they be able to answer all your questions? Can they deal with the unique aspects of your home? Are they going to be able to offer quality installation each and every time?

When you deal with a professional installer, you have far less to worry about. This is all they do, around the clock. Not only does that mean you’ll have less to worry about, but they should also be able to address any concerns you do have as well, so you feel reassured about their services.

Lastly, if you do have any issues with your installation, whom do you think will be easier to contact? Good luck getting a hold of a large distributor. And remember the subcontractor? Well, repair service is contracted out by the big box too. And you can forget about having priority status! Again, because it’s all the HVAC professionals do, contacting them will never be a challenge.

You’re about to enjoy a much higher standard of living with your new Wi-Fi thermostat, but don’t get ahead of yourself by not taking installation seriously enough. Instead, go with a professional installer and enjoy not just a better model, but worry-free use.