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Do You Need to Replace Both AC Units at the Same Time?

Do You Need to Replace Both AC Units at Once?

With years of experience in the HVAC industry, we get this question all the time:

Should I replace both AC units, or components, at the same time?

We understand why people ask this so often:
A new air conditioner is a weighty investment, especially if you need to replace the outdoor unit in addition to the attic unit and ductwork for two or more systems.

With the right air conditioning technicians, though, the short answer is NOT ALWAYS!

When can you settle for a quicker, simpler fix?

There are some circumstances that allow you to save on the expenses of a comprehensive air conditioning replacement:

  1. One component of the unit starts failing before the others.

    We see this situation all the time.

    SCENARIO 1: Your air conditioner generally makes for a comfortable home, but your equipment has started to fail over time, simply due to age. In cases like these, we may be able to replace individual components of your system in order to extend the lifespan by a few years.

    SCENARIO 2: In other cases, a component of your air conditioning unit may be suffering a significant leak or other similar damage. In these cases, you can certainly replace one unit without the other, which means you can buy another year or two for your current equipment.

    While replacing both components at the same time will ensure consistency (usually leading to longer lifetimes and increased efficiency), it is not necessary if the other devices are still working and you are looking to save on the cost.

  2. One A/C unit goes out before the other, but you have had hotspots in areas of the house.

    Hotspots are generally an indicator of a major problem. They could suggest that there are leaks or breakages in the ductwork or that your AC does not have a large enough capacity to cool the rooms in your home.

    Even if this is the case, you may be in luck. Occasionally, the simplest solution for hotspots is to repair the components in that area of your home in order to address the problem straight at the source.

    However, hotspots are most likely a sign that your air conditioning unit is out of date and that you may benefit more from a full system upgrade.

In most cases, we would recommend a cohesive air conditioning system replacement (especially if you currently have a ductless mini-split unit, as those units function as a whole instead of through separate components). Replacing both the indoor and outdoor components in one fell swoop ultimately allows you to save on installation costs, maintenance, and utility bills with single-service installation, warranty opportunities, and increased unit efficiency.

Make sure you understand your options

As you continue your research, it is important that you never feel cornered when it comes finding the best air conditioning service for your home. Our technicians will listen to your concerns first. Then we test and inspect your equipment. We’ll be sure to communicate our findings to you so we can find the ideal solution for your comfort and budget.