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Octopus Air Conditioning Explained

What do we mean when we say “octopus air conditioning”? Obviously, “octopus” isn’t the official name, so there are plenty of different interpretations for the phrase. 

Take a look at some of the common ones below, and contact your reliable air conditioning and heating team at Berner A/C and Heat if you have any additional questions!

1. The Gravity Furnace

You may be looking in your attic or your basement and seeing a massive, out of date furnace that takes up an unnecessary amount of space with the ducts upon ducts coming out of the unit. The gravity unit, which was popular between the late 1880s through the 1950s, may be a century old!

These old units rely on gravity to generate warmth, but circulating that heat through your home and against gravity requires an excessive amount of energy consumption, meaning your heating efficiency may be sitting at as low as 50%.

The octopus furnace may offer you that rare sense of nostalgia. Its size might be intimidating enough that replacing it seems like a herculean task. But replacing your gravity furnace could result in an air conditioning and heating unit that is over twice as efficient and affordable, saving you energy and money almost immediately.

2. It’s not an octopus…it’s a tuned up AC system

If you’ve never seen an AC system connected to ductwork before, you might think this is something out of a sci-fi movie, or maybe even a big, silver octopus!

But it’s not! It’s a newly tuned up AC system.

Our team replaced the evaporator coils and plenum as well as performed a good general cleaning of the system and patched some leaky ducts. You can see how much cleaner and tighter the new unit looks after completion – saving space, ensuring proper function, and increasing efficiency where possible!