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Five Reasons to Schedule Your HVAC Winter Tune-Up

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When do you think about your heating system? For most of us in the New Orleans area, not a whole lot. But when the temperature drops, we hope our heater works!

A heater check-up should be a high priority for home and business owners. Annual maintenance ensures everything is heating the way it should; safely and efficiently while uncovering potential problems.

Here are 5 reasons why an HVAC winter tune-up is essential for your safety and comfort this season.

1. Carbon Monoxide

Generally, carbon monoxide (CO) is only detectable once the toxins have leaked from the equipment. But where does carbon monoxide come from? With a gas furnace, CO is naturally present and produced when the heater burns fuel. In most cases, it is vented outside through the flue as it should.

But when furnaces are not operating or installed correctly, they may burn fuel inefficiently, which leads to an overproduction or an escape of carbon monoxide into the attic or occupied areas. This is when CO becomes harmful and sometimes fatal.

Carbon monoxide is not easily detected. Ask your service provider if they have instruments capable of discovering the smallest amounts of CO which you cannot smell or see. But you can be sure that when Berner AC & Heat performs your heater tune-up, the most up-to-date detection tools will be used.

 2. A Clean Furnace

Clean equipment is essential in keeping a gas furnace running properly. The benefit will be in the form of increased efficiency, performance, reliability and most importantly safety.

3. Performance

Do you sense the air is not as warm as it has been in the past?  Your furnace likely needs a performance check. A good technician looks for issues and safety concerns which can save you money in the long run and help to avoid equipment failure.

4. Gas Leaks

A huge safety concern is gas leaks which should be inspected by a professional to avoid damage to property or physical harm.  Gas furnaces require regular maintenance. And never store flammable items near gas equipment and flue pipes.

5. Air Conditioning Concerns. During winter?

In South Louisiana, we use our air conditioning systems year-round. And wherever there’s A/C, there is condensation, which can produce algae and block drains. So as part of a complete HVAC winter tune-up, we also inspect the evaporator coil for refrigerant leaks and blow out the drain as a preventative  – even in the winter!

At Berner Air Conditioning & Heating we offer a seasonal maintenance program designed to keep your HVAC equipment running at its best. To learn more about our services, contact the Berner Service Team. (985) 727-2302.

Schedule a heater tune-up today!

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