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Dangers of DIY Air Conditioning Repair

An air conditioner can stop working at the wrong time, causing major inconvenience. As a homeowner, you may feel tempted to fix your air conditioner on your own. While do-it-yourself (DIY) air conditioning repair may seem easy, it involves several risks.

Homeowners who attempt to repair their AC unit alone run the risk of electrocution, exposure to hazardous chemicals, and losing their warranty. Despite how easy it may look on home improvement shows, air conditioning systems are difficult to repair. It’s important to know when to call an HVAC company, even if you’re the handy DIY type.

At Berner Air Conditioning & Heating, we provide expert HVAC solutions in New Orleans, Jefferson, and St. Tammany. Our team has over 20 years of experience with air conditioning repair, maintenance, and replacement. In this article, we discuss some dangers you may encounter if you’re considering a DIY air conditioner repair. 

Risks of Do-It-Yourself Air Conditioning Repair

Repairing your AC system on your own can present dangers that jeopardize your personal safety. Many homeowners don’t have the knowledge and skills necessary to diagnose and repair their AC units. However, a trained HVAC professional knows how to handle the electrical systems in your air conditioner. 

DIY AC repair comes with several risks that make hiring a professional well worth it. These risks include the following:

1. Electrical Hazards

An inexperienced individual runs the risk of electrical shock that may lead to serious injury or death. Touching the wrong part of the AC system or a shorted wire can cause electrocution. An HVAC technician will take precautionary measures while repairing your air conditioner to ensure safety and efficiency. 

2. Health Risks

Improper AC handling could lead to accidentally puncturing the refrigerant tube, which contains a poisonous gas. Refrigerant leaks can cause health problems such as nausea, difficulty breathing, or coughing. A DIY repair can also impact indoor air quality by allowing outdoor pollutants to enter your home.  

3. A Lack of Understanding of AC Unit Systems

Air conditioners are complex machines with many moving parts and internal components. Even if you manage to resolve one issue, you may create a new one because it’s easy to make mistakes. The AC unit may appear to be working fine but may have sustained damage or started operating inefficiently. 

4. Reduced AC Efficiency

DIY repairs may result in your air conditioner operating at reduced efficiency. A bad or faulty repair will cause an AC unit to underperform, which results in higher monthly operating costs. An HVAC technician has the training to ensure that your air conditioner operates at peak efficiency.

5. A Rushed Job

Most homeowners want their air conditioners repaired as soon as possible. However, an air conditioner repair may take a few hours to diagnose and a few days to repair, depending on the damage. Taking matters into your own hands will not make the AC repair process faster. 

6. Insufficient Repairs

If the evaporator coils freeze or the compressor stops working, your AC system will require immediate attention. Unfortunately, you may not have the tools and equipment to safely access the evaporator coils or compressor for repair. An HVAC technician has years of training on how to dismantle and reassemble your air conditioner.

7. More Expensive Repairs

An incorrect DIY repair can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your air conditioning system. It’s best to leave AC maintenance and repair tasks to HVAC experts to avoid any further damage. Consider scheduling regular maintenance to spot problems early on and prevent unexpected repairs.

8. Void AC Warranty 

Most manufacturers include a fine print on their warranties asking homeowners to work with an HVAC company for maintenance tasks or repairs. If you try to perform a DIY air conditioning repair, you risk losing and voiding the warranty. Many warranties have strict policies that forbid any kind of DIY or self-repair. 

When Do I Need an AC Repair?

The air conditioner in your home can break down for many reasons, such as faulty wiring or outdoor fan trouble. It’s time to schedule AC repair if you notice any of the following problems:

AC Short Cycling

If your air conditioner starts the cooling cycle and turns off a few minutes later, you need urgent AC repair. An air conditioner can have excessive wear and tear when the unit frequently short-cycles. Short cycling wastes energy as the AC requires more electricity to start up. 

Refrigerant Leaks

A refrigerant leak causes many issues, like poor cooling and higher bills.  An HVAC technician can repair refrigerant leaks and upgrade your AC to use the new R410-a refrigerant.

Dirty Evaporator Coils

Neglecting AC maintenance can result in problems with the evaporator coils. Dirty evaporator coils may shorten the AC unit’s lifespan and cause ineffective cooling. An HVAC technician can clean the evaporator coils and ensure your system operates smoothly. 

Strange Noises

If your AC unit starts making strange noises, such as squealing, hissing, or screeching, don’t ignore them. These noises indicate that your air conditioner has an internal problem. Schedule a repair to have your air conditioning system diagnosed and repaired. 

Berner Air Conditioning & Heating’s Professional AC Repair Service

Having your air conditioning system repaired by an experienced HVAC company guarantees that your home stays comfortable year-round. Our team provides reliable and expert AC repair services. We have the skills and training to repair all makes and models of air conditioners.

Our HVAC repair team can easily spot problems and extend the life of your AC unit. Working with us is a hassle-free process. We come with fully-stocked trucks that contain quality spare parts.

Our HVAC team also offers 100% customer satisfaction with up-front and affordable pricing. We provide dependable and prompt AC repair services. Our HVAC company has built a stellar reputation in the community, with many positive reviews and an A+ Better Business Bureau Rating.

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