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Berner AC & Heat Customer Reviews

Reading reviews online can be a tricky thing as you’re never quite sure if the review can be trusted or if someone just made it up. Generally, you’re going to want to stick with reputable sources, which are typically those sources that require at least a membership to leave a review. This is so you don’t end up reading reviews that are actually planted.

There are some real advantages to looking at third-party reviews of any service. Understanding what those advantages are may persuade you to utilize them as tools to finding the best businesses out there for your needs.

The Better Business Bureau

When you look at the Better Business Bureau’s site, you can see right away why their reviews are actually quite important.

First, they give information such as the length of time that the business has been in operation, how they have resolved complaints with clients and whether or not there is adequate information available on the business for the Better Business Bureau to actually make an assessment of them.

Second, the Better Business Bureau site also allows customers to take a look at how many complaints have been filed in a year, how those complaints were resolved and what type of complaints they were to begin with.

Berner A/C is listed on the Better Business Bureau site as having been in business since 1948 and maintains an “A+” rating. Obviously, this is not only good for consumers to know, it’s also a good indicator of how the business treats its customers.


Angie’s List

Angie’s List is another great site to check for contractor reviews, as members of this site are pretty serious about feedback. Angie’s List is a paid service, meaning people pay to be members of the site which allows them to read feedback from other members.

Given that people pay to have share and access reviews, and that Angie’s List is monitored for bogus or misleading reviews, it’s proven to be a reliable source of real customer feedback about service related businesses.

Berner A/C & Heat is proud to have received the “Super Service Award” from Anige’s List for 2012! Click on the image below to read reviews there and maybe signup for membership if you haven’t done so already.


When to Be Careful with Online Reviews

The Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List are both reputable sites. Other sites out there offer third-party reviews that are not entirely useful. Such sites oftentimes run complaints with no basis and, the way some of them are designed, it is virtually impossible for anybody who gets a complaint at one of these sites to resolve the issue.

When you are looking for third-party reviews, sites such as the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List are useful because they do allow customers with a complaint to resolve it with the business. This allows the business to demonstrate their commitment to customer service in cases where they do actually get a complaint. Of course, you will want to look for those businesses with as few complaints as possible but, when they are there, it’s a good idea to make certain that you’re dealing with a business that works hard to resolve those issues.

Should You Believe The Reviews You Read?

Whether or not a review is credible really does come down to what site you see it on. Anything on the Better Business Bureau is generally regarded as high quality information. Angie’s List is rapidly becoming popular because it requires registration, therefore people are responsible for what they say and their words can be taken more seriously. Berner A/C has good reviews on both of these sites and those reviews demonstrate the company’s commitment to helping their customers get the level of service they expect and, of course, the company’s commitment to actually resolving the issues that they are hired to fix.