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The REME Solution to Indoor Air Quality Issues

Find out how a UV light system such as the REME can help solve even the toughest indoor air quality problems.

The quickest way to reduce air pollutants, organic odors, chemical odors, mold, bacteria, mildew, smoke and viruses is to install a UV light system.  At Berner A/C & Heat, we recommend the REME system.

Using reflective electromagnetic energy (REME) technology, this air purifying system creates ionized hydro  peroxideshydrogenperoxides that can eliminate all types of odors, chemical vapors and the musty smell of the home.

Solving the Problem of Poor Quality Indoor Air

Individuals spend a significant portion of their day inside. Most people believe that staying indoors helps avoid polluted air. However, the indoor air is significantly more polluted than the environmental outside air. The EPA has indicated that pollution levels of indoor air are much greater than outdoor air.  Great resources from the EPA about air quality include:

Many illnesses are triggered, aggravated or caused by the breathing of air pollution and can cause significant health issues for the entire family. Bad air can contribute to the irritation of lungs, general fatigue, headaches, and more challenging conditions including infectious diseases, allergies and asthma.

One of the most common issues with poor quality indoor air is a high level of dust mites. This harmful allergen can cause major problems for family members. Additionally, households that have dogs and cats experience high levels of dander, which need to be removed from the air indoors.

The REME Advantage

The REME system is designed to reduce all levels of microbial contaminants in the air including mold, spores, fungi, viruses, germs and bacteria. This air purifier has the ability to remove over 80% of odors and gases. These units are used in a variety of applications including nursing homes, schools, hospitals, day care centers, restaurants, commercial buildings, cruise ships and residential houses.


This effective air purifying system does not require that pollutants be airborne to fully protect the indoor air quality. The unit is proactive, and is designed to use the available moisture and oxygen to produce ionized hydro peroxides, which can actively detect and destroy any pollutant floating or stationary, at its source.

The unit is installed in the existing ventilation system of an office building, commercial property, or residential home. The process involves water, oxygen and light. Once the hydro peroxides are generated, these natural cleaners will flow through the indoor air-conditioned space. They are designed to kill all viruses, bacteria, odors, VOCs and mold that is on the surface or airborne, before they can reproduce.

24 hours a day, the REME system is providing protection against harmful contaminants. It can produce the same result with or without operating a fan. The system’s purifying plasma is continuously propelled through the structure’s ductwork even when the blower is non-operating. The unit is hardwired using 110 V power.

This entire house system can purify the air. It is simply installed in the existing AC unit or the structure’s current ventilation system. Independent studies have found that the device can eliminate nearly all harmful contaminants including yeast, viruses, mold, allergens and bacteria, floating in the air, or residing on a surface.

If you would like to find out more about using a UV filter to provide the best indoor air quality possible, contact us today for a free consultation and one of our staff members will be happy to show you how the REME works and why we recommend it.