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A Closer Look at Amana Equipment

Since 1934, Amana has been manufacturing cooling equipment. The company started in Amana, Iowa on the challenge of developing a dependable, long-lasting beverage cooler. The company then became widely popular for introducing the first microwave oven for the home that could operate on the countertop. Today, the company builds a wide array of air conditioning systems and heat pumps to meet the needs of their customers’ requirements.

Amana delivers the highest quality in heating and cooling products in the industry. They are known for their energy efficient heating and cooling products, and offer environmental solutions including their chlorine-free, R-410A refrigerant. Through innovative technologies, the company is able to design and manufacture products that help businesses and homes maintain comfortable levels of air quality, at the lowest cost possible.


An Impressive Warranty

Select Amanda heating and cooling systems are built with one of the most impressive warranties in the industry. Their lifetime limited warranty provides extensive protection for the original single-family registered homeowner. When installed as a complete system, the limited warranty provides the original owner a no-cost Amana replacement, in the event of a compressor failure on Amana heat pump or air conditioning unit. They base their impressive warranty on the seven decade old promise to all customers that the products Amana manufactures will last.

The Products

Amana manufactures a variety of products to maintain comfortable air quality inside the home or business. This includes air conditioners, heat pumps, gas furnaces, air handlers, indoor air quality appliances, thermostats, controls, and packaged units. Their air conditioners and heat pumps are built to be long-lasting, and reliable. Manufactured with superior craftsmanship, every Amana premium air conditioner is built with high SEER capacity and optimal energy efficiency.

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The designers at Amana offer extensive air cleaning appliances as a way to maximize indoor air quality using a variety of technologies. Some of these technologies include air filtration, ventilation, ultraviolet purification, and dehumidification. Their products are designed to be installed in both residential and commercial properties.

Amana offers a huge assortment of gas furnaces with innovative heat exchanger design. They manufacture modulating gas furnaces that use self-calibrating gas valves to increase the performance of the unit up to 100% over traditional furnaces. They are designed to operate quietly and efficiently, while providing optimal performance. Other furnaces work at variable speeds to deliver comfortable, reliable air. Their multi-speed gas furnaces are crafted to deliver quiet, warm air through a durable structure.

Many of their units qualify the homeowner for a federal tax credit on qualifying systems. These tax credits can be used to offset the cost of new installation on an existing home or in new construction. These credits can be used for the purchase of packaged air conditioners, heat pumps, electric/gas units, air circulating fans, boilers and more.

Why Amana?

The purchase and installation of the new air conditioning or heating system is not a small undertaking. Many homeowners and business owners that have an old unreliable system should consider installing an Amana system to save upwards of 60% due to its efficiency over units that were purchased just a decade ago. Amana products offer significant long-term benefits to the property owner by avoiding frequent repairs, or high monthly utility bills.

Amana offers an extensive array of heating and cooling products to meet the needs of every property owner. They stand behind every product they manufacture, and offer an extensive limited lifetime warranty on many of their heating and cooling units.