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The Case for American Standard A/C Products

An easy way to maintain the reputation of providing the best heating and cooling services in Louisiana is to install the best products available in the HVAC industry. As a leader in setting the standard for efficiency, quality and longevity, the American Standard brand far exceeds its competition.

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Living in the Deep South has its own unique set of problems in maintaining premium air quality inside the home. As a Customer Care Dealer for the American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning Company, we are trained to assist homeowners in finding the premium solutions to providing cool and comfortable air during the hot summer months, and a warm indoor environment during the cooler winter months.

The seasonal changes in Louisiana are unlike any other part of the nation. The high humidity levels of the spring and summer require a HVAC system that can maintain a comfortable level of indoor air. The drier seasons of the fall and winter can increase indoor air pollution when using a poor quality HVAC system.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

We recommend American Standard products because they can provide the ultimate solution for quality indoor air year-round. A properly installed and maintained American Standard heating and air conditioning system can minimize seasonal allergies while reducing dust mites. By installing quality air cleaners and purifiers manufactured by American Standard, every member of the household can breathe easier. These high-quality air filtration systems can significantly reduce indoor air pollution while saving on energy costs every month.

The Products We Install

We install a huge array of American Standard products that include air conditioners, heat pumps, air cleaners, and air handlers. We also install furnaces, heat pumps, dehumidifiers and thermostat controls. American Standard offers three levels of products in their line that include their silver, gold and platinum series. Many of their products qualify the homeowner to receive government tax credits to offset the cost of purchasing products and installation.

Planning a Home Air Conditioning System

With a wide variety of available products from American Standard, we have the ability to create a customized plan to meet the particular needs of every home. We enjoy meeting with our customers to discuss all the available options using high quality American Standard products to plan the best system to match every home’s requirements.

In a properly designed air conditioning system, the homeowner can easily take control of the air quality and comfort level of their home. American Standard provides a variety of thermostat solutions that can be utilized as a central control center for the air comfort level in the home. With a fully programmable thermostat, every homeowner can allow the unit to automatically adjust itself to the proper temperature that is based on every household’s needs. American Standard thermostats increase the energy efficiency of the unit, keeping the indoor air at an optimal comfortable level when family members are home, and running the air conditioning system more efficiently during the hours when no one is home.

For more than 100 years, the American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning Company has been providing air comfort solutions to residential homes across the nation. We recommend their products because of the high level of quality they build into every piece of equipment. Each air conditioning and heating product exceeds all defined government energy efficiency standards.

Through our proper installation, these systems are extremely easy to maintain and operate. With a long history of selling quality made air conditioning products, American Standard continues to stand for reliability, quality and efficiency. We are proud to be associated with the company and the products they manufacture.