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Your A/C Troubleshooting Questions Answered

When it comes to air conditioning problems, everything could be fine one minute, and then the next your A/C system isn’t working at all. On the other hand, the problem might come on so gradually that, at first, you don’t even notice, but then one day you realize that you haven’t felt comfortable all afternoon even though your air conditioner seems to be running at full-blast.

What can you do when your A/C stops working? Well, you should always call a professional if you don’t know what’s going on. However, a little bit of troubleshooting knowledge about these common A/C issues and you can help your A/C repair and maintenance company identify the problem faster and get everything working again in no time.

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Your A/C Doesn’t Work at All

If your air conditioner has completely quit working, the problem may actually be as simple as dead batteries in your thermostat or a flipped breaker switch. First, take a look around and see if anything in the same area of your home as your air conditioner has also shut off. Then go to your breaker box and make sure that none of the switches have flipped to the off position. If one has, just flip it back and see if your A/C turns back on.

If it’s not a blown breaker, go to your thermostat and check to see that it’s on and reading the temperature. If it shows a very faint display or no display at all, remove its cover and see if it’s powered by batteries or if it’s directly wired into your home. If it has batteries, replace them and see if this solves the problem.

If neither of these things fixes the issue, it’s probably time to call the professionals. The solution may still be fairly simple for them, but things can get pretty confusing if you try to conduct a diagnosis yourself without a proper understanding of A/C systems.

It Isn’t Blowing Any Air

Is the motor in your air handler running, but it isn’t blowing air through your vents? This could mean that the belt that connects the blower and the air handler has broken or gone slack. Call the pros and explain what’s going on. They’ll be able to help you out quickly and with much less stress than trying to replace the belt yourself.

It Isn’t Cooling Efficiently

If your air conditioner isn’t cooling as well as it used to, it could need a new filter and/or it could need to have its coolant recharged. How is the air quality in your home? Have you been sneezing a lot more lately, or have you been noticing more dust settling on the surfaces of your appliances and furniture? Do you know when you last changed the filter? Chances are, you need to do this anyway.

This is a pretty easy task to do on your own for most air conditioners. However, a comprehensive air conditioner tune-up will include changing your air filter and checking your coolant, too. If you haven’t had a tune-up in a year or more, it’s time to call a trusted A/C repair and maintenance company to get your air conditioner running at peak efficiency. You’ll feel cooler, and you’ll probably notice a drop in your energy bills, too.

It’s Leaking, Making Noises, or Other Issues

Leaking water may just mean that the condensation pump isn’t connected correctly or that it’s not draining properly. A slipped, loose, or misaligned belt can cause squeaking. Also, metal heating and cooling ducts tend to amplify noise. For these issues, call a professional to diagnose the issue. Let the professionals at Berner A/C & Heat quickly get you back on the road to a cool, comfortable house!