A Comprehensive HVAC Heater Tune-Up Just in Time for Winter!

In Louisiana, we find ourselves paying much more attention to the heat than the cold, but when winter is around the corner, it’s important to make sure your heater is ready to kick into high gear!

Over the warmer months, the high levels of humidity in Louisiana lead to condensation in your air conditioning and heating unit. As the condensation builds, the risk of water damage to your HVAC unit and other areas of your home increases. In fact, this moisture also creates other harmful elements like molds and grime that can impact the safety and performance of your HVAC.

With this in mind, there is no better time than the changing of the seasons to take advantage of a winter tune-up. To prepare your heating system for the colder months, the technicians at Berner Air Conditioning and Heating perform a multi-point inspection and tune-up on your unit.

Benefits of a Winter HVAC Tune-Up

  • Increase Safety
    • Without a tune-up to your HVAC unit, you may be pumping harmful air throughout your home. Plus, ensuring the cleanliness of your unit makes for smoother air delivery. To guarantee the safety of your home in the face of colder weather, your winter tune-up will even include an assessment of carbon monoxide levels and a water heater replacement, if necessary.
  • Save Money with More Efficiency
    • By clearing the pathway of air delivery through your HVAC system, your unit has to work less to produce the same results, saving you a fortune on your utilities. In addition, a tune-up is a proactive way to catch problems before they happen!

What does a Winter HVAC Tune-Up include?

Winter Tune-Up – Gas Heat

Premium Gas Heat Maintenance: Winter Tune-Up

  1. Record furnace carbon monoxide (PPM)
  2. Record water heater carbon monoxide (PPM)
  3. Inspect heat exchanger
  4. Inspect burners, flame quality, and brush clean
  5. Inspect hot surface igniter
  6. Inspect and clean flame sensor
  7. Check gas valve operation
  8. Inspect blower motor, amps, capacitor, wheel
  9. Inspect control board and connections
  10. Inspect fuses
  11. Inspect draft inducer motor, amps and clean orifice
  12. Inspect pressure switch and operation
  13. Inspect hi-limit safety switch
  14. Inspect vent pipe installation and venting
  15. Inspect PVC drains, fittings, float switch(s)
  16. Blow-out drain
  17. Inspect evaporator coil: refrigerant leak search
  18. Check thermostat
Winter Tune-Up – Electric Heat or Heat Pump

Premium Electric Heat or Heat Pump Maintenance:

  1. Inspect air handler
  2. Inspect control board and connections
  3. Inspect fuses
  4. Inspect heat strips and amps
  5. Inspect blower motor, amps, capacitor, wheel
  6. Inspect PVC drains, fittings, float switch(s)
  7. Blow-out drain
  8. Check thermostat
  9. Inspect evaporator coil: refrigerant leak search


  1. Inspect heat pump condensing unit
  2. Check compressor megohms
  3. Inspect reversing valve
  4. Check heat pump pressures
  5. Inspect condenser fan motor, blade, amps
  6. Inspect capacitors
  7. Inspect contactor
  8. Inspect defrost control board and connections
  9. Inspect condenser: refrigerant leak search

We make sure that your heater is in top condition, so your home or light commercial building HVAC makes your space warm and cozy over the winter months.

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