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What Is a Mini-Split?

A mini-split ductless air conditioner is comprised of an outdoor condensing unit, and indoor air handler. It is designed to create a peaceful interior environment by placing all the components including the compressor and motors of the A/C unit on the exterior of the home. This energy-efficient system is designed for individual zones or rooms in the house that can be heated and cooled like a wall A/C unit, but with the cooling capacity of a central air system.

Zone Control

A mini-split A/C ductless system is design to provide ultimate comfort in each room of the house. With every zone dedicated to providing cool air to a specific region inside the home, household members can adjust the temperature control to only the rooms that are being actively used. Zone control minimizes the expensive overhead of heating and cooling the entire home, when only portions of it are being utilized.

Benefits of a Mini-Split System

There are significant benefits to installing a mini-split air conditioning unit over a traditional central air A/C system. These advantages include:

  • Quiet Operation – Built to have whisper quiet operation, a mini-split air conditioner system remains a very popular option in renovations and new construction.
  • Energy-Efficient – Without the requirement to push air through a ductwork system, a mini-split system is energy-efficient, saving money on monthly utility bills.
  • Individual Zones – Every indoor unit is installed with its own thermostat to allow zoned cooling that can be quickly turned on when the room becomes active.
  • Reduced Energy Loss – Unlike traditional ductwork that loses much energy while transporting cooled air from the unit into the room, a mini-split ductless system produces virtually no energy loss.
  • Safety and Security – While traditional window-mounted A/C units provide easy access to intruders, a wall-mounted mini-split A/C system requires only a 3” hole in the wall to handle refrigerant lines and power from the condensing unit, and a condensate drain. This adds safety and security to the air conditioned home.
  • Energy Star Certified – Mini-split ductless A/C systems draw nearly 40% less energy as compared to other split air-conditioning units. The greatly reduced energy consumption of a mini-split system qualifies it for specific federal and state government rebates.
  • A Viable Solution – For homeowners remodeling or constructing additions on existing homes, mini-split ductless A/C units offer a viable solution when needing to replace an existing air conditioning and heating system.

Using It Effectively

A mini-split ductless A/C unit is designed specifically for easy comfort. By using the remote controller, household members can adjust the ideal temperature with the touch of the remote button. Remote operation usually includes heat, cool and auto. Based on the specific heating and cooling needs inside each interior room, the compressor will automatically adjust its production to provide the ideal levels of comfortable air on the interior.

As a cost-effective solution to heating and cooling the home, it serves as a great alternative to any wall-mounted A/C or a central air conditioning unit. The unit operates quietly and efficiently, saving up to 30% of energy consumption while producing the same results as a traditional air-conditioner.

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