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Installing UV Lights Can Significantly Improve Indoor Air Quality

From Berner A/C & Heat Serving New Orleans and the Northshore

Are you tired of suffering with allergies or continually removing excess dust from inside your home? Many people may not know it, but your A/C system may be part of the problem. Berner A/C & Heat provides indoor air quality assessments for customers throughout metro New Orleans and the Northshore. In situations where your A/C system is contributing to mold, mildew or dust accumulation throughout the home, we may recommend a UV light filtration system made by REEM. The unit can keep the air fresher and cleaner, and have a significant impact on respiratory problems including asthma and allergies. All throughout metro New Orleans, our homes and office buildings experience high levels of viruses and bacteria that are airborne and circulated throughout the home by your AC system. In fact, studies indicate that indoor air is often significantly more polluted than the outdoor air. This is often a result of an A/C system needing to be operated in a sealed environment, where the doors and windows remain closed nearly year-round. Essentially, it can offer the ideal breeding ground for many harmful contaminants including mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses and others. The position of a UV light system can be placed in the return air ducts, the air conditioner plenum, or the supply ducts that move the freshly cooled air from the A/C unit into the home. In many cases, this means that the installation of a UV light system can be made without any major changes to your system, and will instantly improve the quality of air.

The Health Benefits of UV Filtration

When properly installed by Berner A/C & Heat, an ultraviolet light system has the ability to kill off viruses and bacteria that are typically too small to be captured using traditional air filters. It serves as an invaluable tool in the home to minimize respiratory conditions, and many chronic conditions including asthma and allergies. Family members that experience a diminished immune system can greatly benefit by the installation of an ultraviolet light system, because mold growth in the home can be minimized or eradicated. In addition, the ultraviolet light system has the ability to kill off harmful bacteria that is known to cause tuberculosis.

How It Works

The system can quickly destroy biological elements and harmful organisms by simple exposure to the ultraviolet rays. When the ultraviolet light hits the microorganism the DNA structure within the creature is altered or broken apart at the molecular level. It instantly eliminates the possibility for the microorganism to reproduce. Without this ability to reproduce, the bacteria, virus, mold, mildew or other contaminant population simply cannot continue growing its colonies and quickly dies off. Removing their capacity to spread their abilities to cause harm and disease immediately remedies the problem. The airborne contaminants are then removed using the A/C filter. To be effective, the microorganism has to be exposed to the ultraviolet light. Because of this, the unit is typically installed at some point along the intake duct, the outflow ductwork, or the plenum inside the unit.

Introducing REME Guardian Air UV Lights

REME (Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy) installs right into your existing HVAC system, and when the unit is turned on, it produces ionized hydro peroxides™ which are distributed to every cubic foot or air in your home. It breaks down and destroys air quality contaminants on the spot. The system also passes a charge off to all the dust, dander, pollen and particulates in the air which causes them to stick together. This makes them larger in size, and allows your existing filtration equipment more efficient in capturing and removing these particles.

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