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True or False? Does Good Insulation Really Keep Your Home Cool?

With your HVAC system, you have a trusted ally on your side. A properly installed system makes your house as cool or as warm as you need it to be with clean air. It works hard to keep you comfortable and maintain the air quality of your home.

Of course, a house doesn’t stay cool by HVAC alone. There are many other tools available to regulate indoor temperature.

Perhaps you’re wondering about insulation. This technique has been used for ages, but there still are many misconceptions about its functions and purpose.

Today we’ll take a look at three of the most common ones.


Preventing Heat Gain and Heat Loss with Insulation

Let’s put the following popular belief to the test with a quick round of true or false.

Insulation plays a critical role in preventing heat loss, which allows the heater and air conditioner to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature in your home.

If you answered true, you’re a winner.

Here’s why:

  • A properly insulated house helps prevent indoor air from making its way outside.
  • It also prevents outdoor air from making its way inside.
  • It works alongside your home’s climate control system to achieve and maintain maximum energy efficiency.
  • Insulation also reduces excess condensation and energy consumption.

Keeping Your Home Cool in the Summer and Warm in Winter

Now, that you know more about how insulation works let’s try another game of true or false.

Using insulation requires extra cooling in the warmer months and may increase your utility bill.

Did you say false? If so, you’re exactly right!

In fact, insulation plays a big part in keeping your home feeling cool in summer and warm in winter.

Of course, no one wants to be sweltering from the heat when the temperature rises above 100 degrees during the summer. So, how exactly does insulation keep your house cool and warm during different seasons?

Think back to the reasons why insulation helps maintain a comfortable interior temperature. It’s all about the regulation of inside and outside air.

During the summer, insulation lets less hot air inside your home. The cool air distributed by your HVAC remains indoors where you need it most. During the winter, cold air is kept at bay while warm air is sealed inside.

So there you have it. With insulation, you’re in a win-win situation to keep the temperature in your home the way you like it year round.

Saving Money with Better Insulation

Here’s your last true or false pop quiz to wrap up our guide on insulation:

Insulation may lower your utility bill by reducing energy use.

That’s another true one! This belief is right on the money.

Yes, lowered utility rates are an added bonus to improving the insulation in your home. The United States Department of Energy recommends using insulation to combat rising energy costs.

Simply put, insulation is a multi-beneficial tool for regulating your home’s interior temperature.

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