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Tips for Keeping Your A/C Working all Summer Long

The summer can be brutal, and if you don’t have good air conditioning in your home, it can feel miserable. Having a good working A/C unit is vital for you and your family to get through the summer heat unscathed, but what can you do to take care of your A/C unit and ensure your family stays cool?

Change Air Filters Frequently

When working with your air conditioning unit, airflow is king. You need to ensure that your filters aren’t clogged, and that you have a good breeze moving through your ventilation system.

Here’s an important tip – change air filters frequently. Consider an air filter replacement program in which pre-ordered air filters are delivered to your door. With proper care, you’ll be replacing your filter at least every three months or sooner and this option will save you money and ensure that you have a good supply of air filters on hand.

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Schedule Tune-Ups Twice Annually

You want to make sure your unit is running smoothly, and the easiest way to do this is to have it serviced twice a year. This doesn’t instantly mean you’ll be spending hundreds of dollars. In fact, most services can either be done at a low cost, or even through an annual service plan. It all depends on how you want it handled. The important thing is that you get it done; once in the fall, to help get ready for the winter, and once in the spring, to get ready for the summer.

Update your Thermostat 

If you want to have better control over your heating and cooling, then a digital Wi-Fi thermostat is a must. This will help with keeping your home regulated, it can be programmed to adjust your temperature in better ways, and it can save you money on your heating and cooling. A digital thermostat can also be connected to your home internet, which means you can adjust it from a remote location.

Call a Professional at the First Sign of Trouble

Many of the problems you may run into with your HVAC system are going to be rooted in something small, like something blocking airflow, or a burned out capacitor. Here’s the thing; those small problems could cause other issues to sprout up, and if you let them go too long, it could end up costing you thousands. When you consider the cost of having someone come out to replace a capacitor, it starts to make more sense to do this than to wait for that burned out part to fry something irreplaceable, and end up costing you thousands.

Your A/C system is one of those things you don’t really think about until you need it, and when you do, there is nothing else on your mind. When getting ready for the summer, make sure that your A/C system is ready to go and in fine working order. After all, it’s better to spend a little now and keep it running properly. If you don’t, it will cost you in more ways than one.