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System Assurance Membership

System Assurance Membership Affordable System Tune ups from Berner AC & Heat

If last minute repairs caught you off guard last winter, you’ll want to head into spring with confidence in your air conditioning unit.

Spring and Fall Tune-ups Are Essential

With the changes in weather, even here in Louisiana, your heating & A/C units benefit a great deal from service checks and tune-ups. We will catch minor problems before they become bigger ones. In addition, a spring checkup will leave you relaxing this summer, knowing that your A/C can handle the heat.

The System Assurance Membership

Berner AC & Heat has a System Assurance Membership that will get you ready for summer and ensure that your system is maintained and, when needed, repaired in the timeliest manner.

With the System Assurance 12-Month Membership, you get:

  • A 23-Point Energy-Saver Tune-up
  • Full Service on Your Total System
  • Two “Fine-Tune ups” – one in Spring, one in Fall
  • Priority Customer Status
  • Free Return Visit if Your System Fails within 90 Days of Your Fine-Tune up
  • 10% off All Repairs
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

What Does a Checkup Include?

When a Berner AC & Heat specialist comes to your home for a tune up, he will complete various inspections and tests, ensuring that your unit will work properly. A thorough check-up includes:

This is step one in making sure that your unit has no issues. Those warning signs include standing water, corrosion, rust, signs of overheating or moisture stains on your equipment.

Our specialist will next check your electronic system, including the relays, circuit boards, switched and capacitors. He will also look over your thermostat wiring and ensure that all connections are solid and ready for the next season.

Our technician will check the condensate drain and evaporator core, and the heating elements, to make sure that everything is in working order. As summer approaches, you will want your drain line and coil to be performing properly, so that your A/C unit will not become less efficient or flooded.

The last step that our highly trained technician will take is an inspection of the overall operation of your equipment. This will ensure that your coolant is at proper levels, and the compressor is functioning properly. It will also allow our technician to make sure that your “run” system is working, and to check your control and safety systems.

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