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Is your heater a ticking time bomb?

It’s a Little Bit Like a Bomb… that just happens to heat your home.


The headline is both scary and true. No one likes to think about living with such a threat, but an un-serviced or worn-out boiler system can become very dangerous, very quickly.

We have seen the after-effects, and everyone says nearly the same thing: “It looks like a bomb went off.” This letter is not the place for any other details.

Let me just say, you’d want to know way in advance if something was about to go wrong.

Even if your boiler doesn’t erupt, the wear and tear of the daily grind can still cause breakdowns during icy-cold winters. A phrase just came to mind as I was writing this:

Prevention is always less trouble and less expensive than the cure.

That’s why Berner A/C & Heat wants to give you 3 ways you can protect your home and family right now with our “Best Boiler Service Bundle.” It includes:

  1. Clean. Nearly 80% of breakdowns and boiler failures are caused by dirt, rust and scale that build inside where you can’t see. Cleaning your boiler just once a year can greatly increase efficiency and reliability. We can do this right away. After that, we…
  2. Test. Just because it makes heat does not mean your boiler is fine! That’s like saying if your car runs, it doesn’t need a tune-up! Let us check and test your boiler to catch problems before expensive damage. And, of course, our main goal is –
  3. Safety First. Your boiler can keep your home warm, but if it’s not properly vented, it can produce deadly carbon monoxide. You can’t see or smell carbon monoxide! Many companies just clean your boiler and walk away. But we can make sure your boiler is working properly to help rid you of this dangerous poison.  

Those 3 areas can help insure warmth, safety and peace of mind this winter. Even better, we are giving good customers like you a nice discount before we get slammed in peak season –

Though the “Best Boiler Service Bundle” is valued at $253 and worth every penny, that’s not what you’ll pay.  Since our goal is also to help you save some money, I’m paying the first $89 of your service and discounting it to just $164. But it gets much better…

I’ll also have my technician perform a full 12-point safety and service check.

Plus, they’ll reset your system using factory specifications. Unlike some others, we don’t “guess” where your safety and comfort are concerned. And now this last little benefit –

Schedule before March 1st 2014 and let us take an additional 15% off to thank you for letting us serve your home and your family. (Calls must be made before the end of the month; we’ll schedule you in as quickly as possible, first-come, first-served.)