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Where are your hot spots? The Bonus Room… Master Bed Room… Den? Many homes have them. All are the result of incorrect system design. Why live with uneven temperatures? Be comfortable in every room with our No Hot Spots Guarantee*. Eliminating hot spots begins with accurate sizing of the HVAC equipment and ducts. In many cases, we have improved air flow problems simply by resizing and rerouting a few ducts. Severe airflow problems may require a complete redesign of equipment and ducts, plus dehumidification and zoning.

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Does your home have just one light switch? Obviously, there is at least one light switch in every room.

Why, then, do you have only one thermostat? How comfortable could you be with multiple comfort controls in strategic areas of your home? This is the idea of zoning.

Each thermostat has the ability to turn the HVAC system on and off, while opening and closing motorized dampers within the ducts in each zone. For example, at bedtime, the bedroom zone comes online, while other zones shut down. This is also economical because you’re not cooling or heating unoccupied areas of the home.

*On complete systems, with equipment and ducts, designed and installed by Berner Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc.



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