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Goodman AC in North Shore LA

Goodman Air Conditioning Equipment Authorized Dealers

Berner A/C & Heat Serving Metro New Orleans and the Northshore

Berner A/C & Heat is an authorized dealer for metro New Orleans and the Northshore for Goodman Heating & Air Conditioning equipment which is designed, engineered and manufactured with the highest standards in the industry. They are one of the leading HVAC manufacturers in the United States with a focus on quality products made from the best materials. All of their products exceed minimum standards, and they provide eco-friendly solutions for both residential homes and light commercial properties.

Goodman Heat Pumps

 Goodman equipment offers a viable solution to homeowners and commercial properties throughout metro New Orleans and the Northshore. Their high-quality heat pumps are designed to run efficiently to help minimize monthly utility costs. The Goodman heat pump systems are designed for both ground and rooftop installation. The systems are engineered to make the best efficient use of its air conditioner during the warmer Louisiana summer months, while reversing the system to use the heat pump to produce warm air during the winter. Goodman is known for their high quality compressors. Their high efficiency compressors work in tandem with their high quality coils fabricated with refrigeration grade copper tubing. Engineered to maximize the surface area of the condenser coils, aluminum fins will disperse the heat effectively to help maximize the efficiency of the air-conditioning unit. As a leader in the HVAC industry, Goodman has long incorporated the innovative R-410A refrigerant that is chlorine free and extremely environmentally friendly. Even with their products being reasonably priced, the Goodman Heating & Air Conditioning Company offers some of the best warranties in the industry on all of their systems, components and parts. Their furnaces are manufactured with a limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger. In addition to the standard warranty, extended parts and labor warranties are available.


The Advantages of Goodman Equipment

There are significant advantages to installing Goodman equipment on residential homes and commercial properties. Those advantages include:

Solid warranties on systems, components and parts
Designed, engineered and manufactured with durable materials for high reliability
High quality products allow for smooth installation
Economically priced to fit any budget

The Goodman Heating & Air Conditioning Company manufactures a variety of split air systems. Their air conditioners and heat pumps are designed to clean the air as it circulates through the home or light commercial structure. They manufacture all-in-one systems that can supply the home or commercial structure with heating and cooling equipment in a single package. They can be installed in three different forms that include:

This package unit will offer cooling and heating using the latest innovative heat pump technology.

A package air-conditioning unit is designed to cool the home, but also has the capacity to heat as well, using a heating coil or electrical strip.

These packages offer a combination of a gas heating furnace, combined with an air-conditioning unit. These units optimize heating and cooling performance using greatly reduced energy consumption.

There are significant advantages for installing package units including the ability to contain both the cooling and heating system in a single location. They also provide enhanced energy efficiency performance when heating or cooling the home or light commercial business. All Goodman heating and cooling solution packages are manufactured with 13 SEER or higher. Additionally, they meet 80% of AFUE heating performance. For homeowners and business owners looking for the best heating solutions, Goodman provides a wide selection of energy efficient air-conditioners and heat pumps. The Goodman brand has long been recognized as one of the best companies that provide heating and cooling units at an affordable price. Every system is tested at the manufacturing facility before it is sent to the customer for installation. This helps ensure trouble-free installation and an extended product life span. Call today for a free estimate on a new Goodman system, or take advantage of our current AC service specials for service or repair.

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