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Expert Tip: Change Your Air Conditioning Filter Frequently

It’s the first truly sweltering day of summer, and you decide it’s finally time to crank up the air conditioning. But those months of disuse have resulted in mold and dust accumulating in your filter—so as soon as you turn it on, all that junk is spewed out into the air. This can result in sickness, especially if you’re susceptible to allergies. Old filters can also prevent your system from running at its best. So do your health and your home a favor and replace your filters at least once a year, especially at the beginning of air conditioning season. Not all filters are equal, though, so let Berner A/C help you figure out which of our wide array of air conditioning filters is best for you.

air filters
air filters

Merv 8 Pure: This is the most basic type of filter we offer, but it still helps you achieve great air quality for your home and stop those annoying dust and pollen allergies in their tracks. At only $11.18 per filter including shipping, it’s a cost-effective way to keep your system running well.

Merv 11 Gold: A step up from the 8 Pure, this filter captures a wider variety of allergens and irritants. At only $13.18 per filter, it’s well worth the upgrade if you suffer from breathing problems from environmental irritants during A/C season.

Merv 13 Platinum: Seem to get sick all the time? Then you might want to go for the big guns and spring for this filter, which grabs not only allergens and mold, but also reduces airborne pathogens like viruses and bacteria. It’s high protection for a low price ($16.22 per filter).

OdorBan: This filter actually works both ways, absorbing odors and irritants created indoors as well as outdoors. We sell them for $13.18 per filter.

You can buy any of these filters by themselves, or two other forms: a grille filter to replace standard 1-inch return air filters, or a deep pleated cartridge media filter that fits in residential ducted filter housings.

No matter what type of filter is best for your home, Berner A/C provides whatever you need, in any size you ask for. In addition, thanks to our special new service, you can have us deliver them straight to your home for no extra charge. The filters typically come in cases of four, so keep that in mind when ordering. To ask questions or place an order, give us a call at (504) 822-8080. And remember, replace them frequently to keep your body and your home health in top condition.