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Daikin Ductless A/C Products

From Berner A/C and Heat – Serving all of Metro New Orleans

If you’re considering upgrading your air conditioner or refrigeration unit, you may be overwhelmed by the variety of options on the market. While there are plenty of quality products to choose from, Daikin air conditioning and refrigeration units offer fantastic products which outshine their competition.

Berner A/C & Heat is an authorized dealer of Daikin equipment and has been serving the metro New Orleans and Northshore area since 2002.

A Closer Look at Daikin Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Ever since their founding in 1924, Daikin has remained devoted providing quality products to the public. Over time, they have become a leading manufacturer in air conditioning equipment. With the use of cutting-edge products and technology, they deliver outstanding system solutions and products to ensure the comfort of those around the world. Daikin are air specialists with over 80 worldwide production bases, and products being sold in over 140 countries.

They offer a wide array of air conditioning and refrigeration products, as well as control systems, heating systems, container refrigeration units, air purifiers, and other ventilation products.

Daikin Product Solutions

Daikin understands that people have different types of needs, and they produce products that accommodate a wide range of circumstances. Their products have the ability to produce any temperature from -35° C to 80° C, which is ideal for those who need precise temperature control for operations such as freezing and refrigeration, beer brewing and for keeping server rooms cool.

When it comes to size, Daikin products can handle any space from 10 square meters, to an infinite amount of space. This makes their products perfect for any structure from households, to hospitals, to stadiums. They have the ability to work in any extreme climate from sizzling hot, to freezing cold.

The additional features that Daikin offers takes their products from convenience, to ultimate comfort. These include humidification and dehumidification, air purification, human detecting, auto filter cleaning and remote monitoring.

Additionally, Daikin offers two major systems: ducted and ductless. Ducted systems provide equal comfort to all zones, and ductless provides air conditioning that gives individual comfort to specific zones. They are the only air conditioning company in the world that specializes in not only manufacturing sales and after sales service, but the sales of additional refrigerants as well.

Daikin Offers Innovative Technology

For many years, Daikin has strived to be a leader in energy saving with their inverter technology. This technology provides energy savings that eliminate wasted operational costs in air conditioners by controlling their motor speed. In traditional air conditioning units, the motor speed remains constant and the temperature is adjusted simply by turning the motor OFF and ON, this leads to more energy consumption. Air conditioners with inverters can save 30 percent more energy than traditional types.

Daikin’s exclusive heat pump technology creates renewable energy by transferring heat. The heat is transferred by use of refrigerant to create renewable energy. They have developed R-32, a next generation refrigerant that carries heat and has an impressively low environmental impact. Because this impressive technology conveys heat, it has the ability to reduce electricity consumption by up to 10 percent. In air conditioners, it transfers heat while still circulating refrigerant between outdoor and indoor units, and because refrigerants are essential to air conditioning units, this technology saves an impressive amount of energy.

The Daikin Advantage

There are many advantages of using Daikin products. They offer a wide product range that meets an impressive amount of applications and environments, and their products offer energy savings by the use of heat pump technologies and inverters. The company also offers many models that offer high flexibility as a result of elemental technology. Lastly, Daikin is well known for their customer support and reliable services.

If you’re looking for a quality and exceptional service, choose Daikin products and Berner A/C and Heat. We serve all of Metro New Orleans and the Northshore are able to provide you with industry leading service.


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