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Benefits of a Summer A/C Tune-Up

With summer on its way, so are high temperatures, especially in areas like New Orleans. Many of us turn to air conditioners to beat the heat, but we probably haven’t thought about them all winter long. That means the beginning of summer is a good time to have your air conditioning unit checked and maintained by a professional.

Why Is a Tune-up so Important?

The U.S. Department of Energy makes it clear that a regular tune-up is a necessity for air conditioners. Like any complex machine, A/C units need regular maintenance to keep running at peak performance. Without tune-ups and other maintenance, your air conditioner will wear out faster and run less efficiently, costing you a lot of money in the end. You’ll have to replace it sooner, and you’ll spend more on your electric bill, too.

Even the simplest maintenance task, changing the air conditioner’s filter, can allow the unit to use up to 15% less energy. You should clean or replace filters routinely, especially if your house has pets that will get fur into the system. Coils and other parts may need replacement and maintenance as well. For anything more complicated than replacing the filter, it is best that you call in a professional. Calling in a technician before you start to use your air conditioner constantly will help prevent issues when you need the system.

What Should a Tune-up Entail?

A professional tune-up should include a thorough check and adjustment of every part of your air conditioning system. This includes such tasks as checking refrigerant levels and looking for potential leaks, checking the electrical systems and repairing them if necessary, checking and oiling moving parts, and checking the thermostat. Different mechanics will have different policies, so make sure you check carefully to ensure you are getting an effective tune-up.

A summer tune-up has a possibility of leading to the discovery of a bigger problem. After all, you haven’t used the system (at least, not the air conditioning specific parts) for several months, so it is possible that something has gone wrong. An example could be a leak developing due to parts shifting with changing temperatures, or water damage from incidents over the winter. If this is the case, then you will be glad you called in a professional for your tune-up. You’ll be able to stay calm knowing that you already have professional assistance right there and that your problem will be fixed in no time.

Getting Your Tune-up

If you are in the New Orleans area and looking for a reliable technician to complete your summer tune-up, Berner A/C & Heat is the right company for you. They offer amazing service for affordable rates and will help you feel secure that your air conditioning and heating system is working properly, no matter what the season.

If you want to invest in the long-term health of your system, you can even purchase a System Assurance Membership, an annual program in which your system is checked and maintaned. This is a 12-month plan that gives you many advantages. It starts with a 23-point tune-up to ensure your system is running as efficiently is possible. Your problems will have priority, and they will return for free if you have problems within 90 days of your “fine-tune-up”, a thorough system check that they will perform in the spring and the fall. You also get a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

With the variety of temperatures and weather that New Orleans experiences, you want your air conditioning and heating to be in perfect condition. That means you need a company you can trust. Berner A/C & Heat will get the job done.


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