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Benefits of a Ductless A/C System

With the continuing escalation of electricity costs, ductless A/C mini-split systems are highly energy-efficient. Without the necessity to push refrigerated air through a central forced air system, mini-split A/C systems eliminate much of the energy cost. Central air systems that are designed with air ductwork require more than 30% more energy consumption to produce the same volume of cooled air as a ductless system.

While every home presents unique problems in controlling its climate, many HVAC engineers have worked on innovative technology to keep up with modern living demands. As a result, ductless mini-split systems were designed to make air-conditioning a much simpler process than traditional units. Without the need of ductwork, altering the indoor climate becomes more consistent and more predictable to cool. It does not require any extensive renovation work nor does it compromise the structural integrity of the home. Typically, installation can be completed by a licensed, competent HVAC professional in a day.

Single and Multiple Zones

The ductless mini-split units are significantly smaller than traditional air-conditioners and are much easier to install. Each area of the house can be zoned to run these units efficiently, requiring the homeowner to only condition the air in rooms that are being utilized. Each ductless mini-split system will have a single evaporator (air handler) and a condenser (outside unit). Cooling more than one zoned area requires multiple air handlers.

The Components

A split system ductless A/C unit is fabricated with two major components that include the outdoor unit that holds the compressor and condenser coils and the indoor unit holds the evaporator coils. A pair of copper lines holding air-cooling refrigerant is installed between these two major components.

Reduced Noise Levels

Most central A/C units and all interior window air conditioning units produce high levels of noise when operating. Alternatively, mini-split ductless A/C units offer extremely quiet noise levels in operation mode. Even the exterior compressor unit operates much quieter than a traditional central air A/C compressor.

Allergen Filtration

Through advanced technology, some Mitsubishi mini-split ductless A/C systems are manufactured with advanced plasma filtration to remove contaminants, particulates, and orders from the indoor air to create a healthier, cleaner environment.

The Advantages of a Mini-Split Air Conditioner

One of the greatest advantages of using a mini-split air-conditioning unit is that it does not require the climate of the entire home to be cooled down, just to alter the temperature in a single room. Other significant advantages to using a mini-split air system include:

  • Quiet components inside and outside the house reduce traditional A/C noise pollution
  • A less complicated system
  • Installation costs less than installing ducted central air conditioning
  • Optional advanced filtration HVAC system
  • The most efficient/effective “add on” AC system available
  • Options to only cool specific rooms at a time
  • No need to retrofit interior ductwork for remodeling
  • Same effective output as traditional central air
  • No need to damage indoor walls during installation
  • Because we are a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer, the parts warranty is automatically extended an additional 2 years, to a full 7 years.

It should come as no surprise that the interior air quality of many homes is more dangerous and dirtier than the air outdoors. Using an effective ductless multi-split A/C zoned system in the house provides the ultimate comfort in each room by improving air quality, while saving energy and monthly utility costs.

Homeowners can save energy each month by using zone control to heat and cool specific areas inside the house. Setting the ideal temperature in active rooms is an easy solution to minimizing utility costs while maximizing air-quality comfort.

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