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Allergies? Learn More About How HVAC Systems Can Improve Air Quality

Do you ever come home after work with clear sinuses and feeling great, only to find yourself stuffed up and sneezing a few minutes after you walk in the door? Without the proper air purification systems and filters, the air inside your home may have more particulate matter and more allergens in it than the air outside does.

Why is that? Well, especially with a well-insulated home and an efficient HVAC system, the air in your house will be recycled throughout your home, over and over again. Mold, mildew, and bacteria growing anywhere in your home will release spores and cells, and they’ll float through the air, never leaving, just accumulating. That sounds like a nightmare, right? Well, fortunately, it’s not inevitable.

Many people aren’t aware that they can significantly increase their homes’ indoor air quality (IAQ) with one or more simple products. By using high-quality filters, an air purification system, and/or UV lights, you can actually get rid of a lot of the allergens in your home’s air. That sounds pretty good, right?

High-Quality Air Filters

A good air filter is your first line of defense when it comes to allergens in your home. Make sure that you use filters with a MERV rating of at least 10. Also, make sure that you change your home’s air filters once a month or as often as directed on the packaging.

When you let a filter go too long, it will not be able to capture particles in the air as it once did, and it will hinder the efficiency of your HVAC system, too. So, you’ll be looking at both more allergens, bacteria, and mold in your air and a higher heating or air conditioning bill, too. So change your filters early and often!

Just putting an expensive air filter into your existing system may not help you, though. If you’re having air quality problems, it’s always a good idea to call a professional for a consultation. Your filter may be just fine, but you may need more help with a UV light and/or a good air purification system.

Fine Allergen Merv 11 Gold air filter
Fine Allergen Merv 11 Gold air filter

UV Lights

Now, you’re probably thinking, “UV lights? Really? How can light purify air?” Well, it’s actually very simple. When ultra violet light is focused on the areas where microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, and mold would ordinarily grow, those organisms’ growth is stunted, and they start to die off.

With a few well-placed UV lights, you could drastically reduce your allergies when you get home because you won’t be breathing in tiny mold spores or bacteria that have been growing in your HVAC equipment and ducts.

Air Purifying Systems

Getting a high-quality filter and a UV light will get you on your way to better IAQ, but they can still leave you with polluted air flowing through your home. The best way to ensure that your home’s air quality is the absolute highest is to install an HVAC air purifying system.

A product like Global Plasma Solutions’ GPS-2400 can be installed to clean the air in your HVAC system and all over your house. These systems work to scrub your air clean, getting rid of odors, bacteria, mold spores, and viruses, too. As an added benefit, the GPS-2400 not only eliminates the need for a UV light, but there are no expensive bulbs to replace every couple of years.

With the assistance of any of these systems or all three of these methods together, you’ll notice the difference. When you walk in the front door, you’ll smell clean, fresh air, and you’ll likely see a quick end to your at-home allergy problems. With the right HVAC air purifying system you can enjoy the very best IAQ possible and rest assured that the air in your home is promoting health & wellness for you & your family.

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