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Replace Your HVAC Air Filters with Top Quality Products

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Routinely changing the air filter in a residential home or commercial property can greatly improve the overall indoor air quality. The air filter is designed to provide two unique services to the structure. It is designed to keep the A/C system as clean as possible, by preventing harmful particles including dust, dirt and grime away from the moving parts. Additionally, it is used to eliminate much of the harmful contaminants that are airborne inside.

The Types of Filters

There are wide arrays of air filters that help in the efficacy of the A/C unit. These include electronic air cleaners, electrostatic filters (permanently charged), pleated filters (deep & flat), and reusable/washable filters along with filters made out of polyester and fiberglass.

These types of filters are installed as a permanent fixture inside a cooling and heating system. They operate on electricity to purify the air. They are known to be highly effective at eliminating nearly all of the pollution that is airborne, by scrubbing the air to remove unwanted particles. They do require routine maintenance, which is usually handled by a professional that often includes the disassembly of the unit for a full cleaning.

An electrostatic filter is a popular choice for many businesses and residential homes. Typically, they need to be changed every 60 to 90 days, or more often during heavy use. As a non-electric mesh, an electrostatic filter has the ability to capture particles that are naturally attracted to the fibers that are electrostatically charged. Some of these filters have the capacity to clean the air using charcoal or carbon.

The varieties of pleated filters are the most commonly used filters in a residential or commercial HVAC system. Some are constructed with reusable frames and as a deep pleated or flat filter. They are made out of polyester, cotton or fiberglass. The deep pleaded filters are nearly as efficient as an electrostatic filter. The flat pleated filters are crafted in both fiberglass and polyester, where the polyester filters have the ability to capture tiny particles.

Many households and commercial properties in New Orleans use renewable/washable filters. Typically they are 1” thick, and offer the advantage of maintaining the same filter for years at a time. However, these types of filters are not usually as efficient as a disposable filter or an electronic air cleaner.

The polyester or fiberglass filters are both a disposable filter that is commonly used in many households. Manufactured at 1” thick, these disposable filters tend to become clogged quickly, and should be changed at least once every month. The overall design of these filters typically does not improve the air quality in the home or office, and are simply designed as a way to provide protection to the heating and air-conditioning system. These filters generally have the ability to capture larger particles that tend to harm or interfere with the working parts of the air conditioner. Residential households and commercial properties should use the best available air filters to ensure optimal indoor air quality. Berner A/C & Heat recommends that every installed air filter is selected by its MERV rating system. The rating system determines the filter’s ability to remove mold, bacteria, allergens, dust mites and other harmful contaminants in the air. Berner A/C & Heat can thoroughly evaluate the home’s filtration system, and install highly efficient air filters. They can repair any leaking ductwork and add additional equipment to maximize the quality of the home’s indoor air.

Maintaining Quality Indoor Air

Areas of the country that experience high humidity levels, such as the Deep South and particularly New Orleans, often have to deal with high levels of mold, mildew and allergens. Polluted indoor air can cause significant health risks including respiratory problems, asthma and allergies. Berner A/C & Heat routinely adds additional equipment including UV light filters and home filtration systems to maximize the quality of indoor air, by reducing the harmful contaminants.

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