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Air conditioning service Mandeville, LA – Berner A/C & Heat

Award Winning Air Conditioning Service in Mandeville

From Berner A/C & Heat Since 2002

The most important benefit of maintaining your HVAC unit is reliability. If your system isn’t serviced properly, it will cost you more in repair services than it would otherwise cost to maintain the unit correctly.   Don’t take chances by choosing someone who offers the lowest price on a service call.  Trust the award winning customer service (as verified by Angie’s List & The Better Business Bureau) from Berner A/C & Heat. Berner A/C & Heat provides air conditioning service in Mandeville, Louisiana and serving all of metro New Orleans.  We offer:

  • Air conditioning service & repair for all major brands and models
  • Indoor air quality treatment
  • Special offers on maintenance and repairs


Routine Service Versus Needed Repairs

If you don’t take proper care of your air conditioning system, you may be looking at equipment repairs down the road that will be much more costly. According to Home Advisor, spring is the best time for air conditioning routine service, but in St. Tammany Parish, where the system may be needed year-round, you may want your system checked at any time of year. Having routine maintenance performed on a regular basis allows you to prevent small problems from exploding into expensive problems, later.

Why Schedule Routine Service?

Our Annual Maintenance Agreement (AMA) ensures your system in checked twice a year, making sure you save money by eliminating future problems. Our technician may catch a small leak in refrigerant, for example, which is an inexpensive fix. After your low levels of refrigerant cause your compressor to burn out, it will be a much more expensive repair. Routine service work by Berner Air Conditioning and Heating can offer you savings by keeping your unit working at its optimal efficiency. We have been serving the New Orleans area with quality repair, maintenance and installation services since 2002.


Scheduling Air Conditioner Check-ups

It is easy to schedule a check up for your air conditioning system any time of the year. If you wait until summer to find out that your system is not working properly, it may be harder to get an appointment, or you may have to wait in stifling heat while your unit is serviced. Air conditioner check-ups allow your system to work longer and perform more efficiently. Your maintenance technician will check for:

  • Proper levels of refrigerant. Then leaks can be found and more easily repaired.
  • Electrical controls
  • Evaporator problems
  • Condenser issues
  • Motors

Your technician can also clean or repair your AC filters, check for condenser problems and calibrate your thermostat, as well as recommend solutions for improved air quality within your home. Call Berner A/C & Heat today for air conditioning service in Mandeville or anywhere in Metro New Orleans.  You’ll be glad you did!  


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