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Air Conditioning Service & Repair in Mandeville, LA

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Air conditioners always seem to break down when they are most needed, so having a good relationship with a local air conditioning service and repair contractor in Mandeville, Louisiana means that if your air conditioning system is malfunctioning, you can count on it being repaired quickly and affordably. Berner A/C & Heat is a full service air conditioning company located in Mandeville, Louisiana and serving all of metro New Orleans.  We offer:

The Importance of Air Conditioning System Repairs

In some ways, air conditioners are no different from your other large appliances. There are more than a few things that can work improperly and cause poor performance or no performance. Outside of double-checking the thermostat to make sure you haven’t accidentally turned it up or off, many problems necessitate calling a local air conditioning contractor. The temperatures in St. Tammany Parish can be brutal, and most times of the year you can’t afford to wait any longer than you need to and to get your unit back in working order.

Quality Air Conditioning Repair Work

The inner workings of your air conditioning system are quite complex, and if it comes to:

  • Regulating coolant levels
  • Electrical issues
  • Other integral service parts

You need a trained and qualified air conditioning contractor to handle the work, as this is not the time to cut corners, since quality air conditioning service work will have a big impact on your cooling bills. Berner A/C & Heat has been serving the area since 2002, with repair, maintenance and installation services available. We specialize in ductless mini split AC systems, and in connecting your HVAC equipment to eliminate hot spots in your home. Our technicians can quickly assess the problem and let you know what options you have to repair your unit. And at Berner A/C & Heat, we don’t just talk about quality service, our customers verify it!  That’s one of the reasons we’re so proud to have earned the Angie’s List Super Service Award again in 2013 as a top air conditioning contractor in metro New Orleans!

Do You Need a New Air Conditioning Unit?

If your unit needs a lot of attention, especially if it’s older, you may want to consider replacing it with a new, more efficient model. We will be happy to recommend a suitable system for your home based on its size and other factors. New air conditioners use less energy than older models, and they can keep your home cool for less. The money you save by having a new unit installed may more than make up for not having to have a repair person out so often.

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