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A/C Filter Replacement Made Easy

Filters are easy to forget about. Whether it’s in your water purification system or your air conditioner, it is easy to overlook filters and tempting to ignore them even when you know they should be changed. Acquiring new filters can be a hassle and if you’re not careful it’s easy to overpay. Luckily, with Berner A/C & Heat you can now have A/C filters delivered straight to your door. We provide only the highest quality filters at the lowest prices, so you’ll know that you’re getting a good deal.

Clean Air Means Good Health

A clean filter help leads to clean air. A dirty filter, on the other hand, leads to dirty and polluted air. Indoor air pollution is a huge risk for you and your family, and in fact is one of the top five health risks in the United States. Dirty air increases the risk of respiratory illnesses and can worsen allergies. The filter in your air conditioner, meanwhile, will go a long way in affecting the quality of air within your home. Simply put, a clean and high quality air filter means cleaner and higher quality air.

We offer a wide range of A/C filters to meet every budget. We won’t lie, given how important air filters are for determining the quality of the air in your home, and how much that air can affect your health, we recommend buying the best possible filter, even if it costs a few dollars more. One thing you can be certain of, however, is that no matter which filter you purchase from us, dollar for dollar it will be among the best available.

A/C air filter
A/C air filter

A Wide Range of Filters Are Available for Home Delivery

Our most basic air filter is the MERV 8 Pure line, which we are able to offer for less than $50 for a pack of four. These filters are great for filtering out allergens and will help ensure that your A/C unit is operating more efficiently. For a few dollars more, you could pick up a four pack of MERV 11 Gold filters. If you suffer from allergies or other respiratory issues, you should definitely consider spending the extra couple of bucks.

Of course, if you have respiratory issues, or are worried about developing such issues, you should consider the MERV 13 Platinum filters. Platinum is almost always the symbol of utmost quality and when it comes to MERV filters, these are the best of the best. These filters are exceptionally good at filtering out pathogens and protecting your lungs from unwanted contaminants.

We have other options for different situations. For example, let’s say you live in an area that is contaminated by an unwanted odor, perhaps from a factory or a farm. If that’s the case, you should consider our OdorBan Merv 8 filters with active carbon. The added active carbon can help protect your home from being contaminated with unwanted odors.

If you want your filters to last as long as possible and to maximize protection for your home, you could also pick up our 5 inch 1 year grille filters. Most standard filters, including the ones we have mentioned, are 1 inch thick. Our 1 year grille filters are 5 inches thick, which helps your filters last up to 6 times as long as a standard filter. Further, they can be 15 times as effective at blocking out contaminates. Our five-inch filters are available in all of the previously mentioned models.

No matter your needs and budget, Berner A/C & Heat should be your number one choice for new filters. If you have any questions about which filter is right for you, feel free to get in touch with our professional staff by calling (504) 822-8080.